Founder and CEO

Ramin Nouri

With more than 15 years of experience in restaurant business, Ramin Nouri proudly presents Evan Steakhouse as an independent brand in his portfolio. For him, Evan is a dream come true since it’s a full-service restaurant that offers various recipes and a full bar service. Evan Steakhouse is an exclusive cuisine, which has brought many bright talents together and created a unique ambiance to offer a one-of a-kind experience to its guests. Ramin, as Evan’s CEO and Co-Founder, is the visionary force behind Evan’s success.

General Manager


Starting as a server in a casual-dining restaurant, Cristina instantly found her passion in the restaurant business. With her witty personality and clever communication skills, she worked her way up to manage numerous fine-dining cuisines around Europe. Fast-forward 12 years, at present, she has teamed up with Ramin to give Evan Steakhouse the distinctive touch it deserves. With her on Evan’s management team, guests can rest assured they will have an experience like no other.


Head Cheff


More about Chef Gilberto coming soon!