Seafood Pasta
Squid, Atlantic Prawns and Shrimp in tomato sauce served with Grana Padano

Evan Burger
Tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, bacon, and cheddar cheese

Australian Lamb chops
With balsamic glaze and berries

Chicken Skewer
Marinated chicken tender

Wild Alaskan Salmon
Avocado puree and cranberry sauce

Steak Sandwich
Skirt steak, tomatoes, Muenster cheese, and Chimichurri sauce

Wild branzino
Cauliflower puree and smoked pepper sauce

Prime Cuts

Rib eye 18 oz
Confit potatoes and béarnaise sauce  59

New York Steak 12 oz
Baby mushrooms with blue cheese sauce  51

Tomahawk. 48 oz
*Please allow up to 40 minutes for preparation  152

Cape Grim
Australia's Finest Grass-Fed & Finished Beef

Filet mignon 8 oz
Potatoes and bacon  56

Filet mignon 6 oz
Beet puree  41


Grilled asparagus

Mushroom and black truffle shavings

Potatoes Au Gratin
Blend of 3 cheese


Sauteed spinach

Truffle Fries
Topped With Grana Padano

Garlic mashed potatoes

Filet Mignon

Taken from end of tenderloin of the animal, Filet mignon is having a very tender texture which is pleasant to most people. You can enjoy our Filet mignon at 6 or 8 ounces, depending on your appetite, Evan Steakhouse grills either or both to perfection just for you.

Our Famous Tomahawk

Tomahawk steak is basically a ribeye steak with exception of its long rib bone cut alongside it. Some call the cute “French trimmed” which mimics shapes of a rack of lamb, making it look like a giant lamb chop; some call it Tomahawk chop as well. The beef feels amazingly soft and tender and full of flavor, that is why most chefs add nothing but salt to it when its served; to deliver maximum flavor. Evan Steakhouse makes sure its Tomahawk is grilled properly and cuts it at the table at your request.

How Fresh?

Evan Steakhouse Fresh!

Try our freshest ingredients tossed in our salad dishes, greenest veggies to most delicious dairy ingredients such fresh mustard dressing in the Arugula salad. You can add protein of your choice such as steak or chicken or shrimps! The taste never stops, neither our effort to deliver the best salad dish to you!